IoT applications are distributed across several elements – device/thing, gateways, cloud and smartphone-based apps. The edge (or also referred to as “Fog”) is gaining tremendous traction. It is gaining popularity and press,¬†especially this year, thanks to several key events & initiatives:

  1. Microsoft used its key annual event – Microsoft Build – to announce a major push into IoT Edge Computing. The CEO of Microsoft – Satya Nadella – in his opening keynote dedicated it to Edge Computing. It is definitely worth listening. You can also check out support for Azure and IoT Edge on Github.
  2. OpenFog – a consortium founded by Cisco, Microsoft, and Dell among others opened up its architecture for public review in early 2017.
  3. Amazon’s edge computing service = Greengrass – was publicly launched this year.

Our founders were part of the initiative at Cisco when it made a push for “Fog Computing” – and Movinture’s technology has been Edge-Compute capable from ground up. We further solidified our investment in Edge Computing by becoming a Dell IoT certified partner on the 3000 series IoT gateways.

Movinture’s IoT stack and applications – iMSight – can run entirely on the Dell IoT Gateways and support the entire IoT application functionality – data ingestion, collection, processing, management and visualization.