np_soil-moisture-probe_1298436_000000The iMsight platform, along with its Dashboard application now supports 3 different soil sensor manufacturers each integrated with different connectivity and protocol mechanism:

  • EnviroPro sensor has been integrated using an in-house prototype adapter that interfaces to the serial, wired SDI-12 protocol and converts it over Wi-Fi using a microcontroller. Data from each sensor is sent to a ruggedized Dell IoT gateway which in turn uploads via a cellular connection to the iMsight application platform.
  • Sentek sensor is uploading data via an in-built 3G connectivity to an FTP site. We are integrating our FTP connector to pull data on a regular interval and log it to the iMsight application backend.
  • Spectrum soil sensors that leverage the SigFox network to upload data to the cloud. Our platform is integrated with both the SigFox and Spectrum backend allowing for a seamless integration options.

Movinture’s application platform integrates multiple protocols, platforms and connectivity options to offer a truly integrated solution to our customers.