Manage & monitor business assets: vehicle fleets, industrial & medical equipment, and heavy machinery.
The Need for Asset Management & Monitoring
Businesses need real time visibility into their assets in order to maximize revenue and profitability. A hospital needs to keep track of their medical equipment, rental car companies need to track and monitor their fleet, a construction company needs to track their equipment and machinery. These are all examples of tracking and monitoring business assets..
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iMtrack is a highly configurable solution designed to address your specific asset business asset management requirements. iMtrack leverages the best of the breed IoT technologies to provide a real time insight into your assets, and how they are performing
  • iMtrack is adapted and configured to monitor and manage your business assets specific to your use cases, your business policy and structure.

  • Real time pulse on your business assets: equipment, vehicles, machinery etc.

  • Auditing capabilities – track & review details of sales order such as time, location.

  • Maximize ROI on your asset investments.

  • Manage equipment inventories, optimize allocation of your assets.

  • Enable new business models leveraging your asset..



Track Assets

Track all your assets in real time


Alert on Geofence

Configurable alert conditions for various use cases such as geo-fence & location



Get notifications for violations on smartphones, tablets


Fraud Detection

Prevent misuse of assets, fraud detection


Inventory Management

Send and receive instant alerts and notification for machine breakdown, maintenance due AMC renewals etc


Monitor Parameters

Monitor asset-specific parameters e.g. RPM, Speed for Vehicles etc.

iMtrack Fleet Management Demo