Automates allocation of resources for Facilities and Workforce Management.
  • iMsales is adapted to your business, your brand, your processes and your culture.

  • Streamline field-sales processes, and managing the sales force.

  • Auditing capabilities – track & review details of sales order such as time, location.

  • Optimized production runs and delivery schedules.

  • Reduced wastages and returns.

  • Manage inventories.

  • Real time insight into business via alerts and notifications.

  • Reports, customized and configured to discover how your business is operating.


Record Attendance

Automated attendance recording, monitoring and alerts.


Allocation of Resources

Allocation of Manpower as per agreementto ensure availability of optimum number of staff and tracking within Geofence


Material allocation and tracking

Monitoring and tracking of material to manage inventory and reduce pilferage


Material Consumption and Inventory Management.

Reduced wastage and pilferage through effective demand chain management.


Cross leveraging available resources

Manage Multiple sites, shifts, and optimize manpower allocation


Supply Chain Management

Daily monitoring of manpower, availability of machines and material to ensure 100% achievement of the service agreementsto avoid financial penalties.

Workforce & Facilities Management (WFM) plays an important role in operations and management process.
It is an outsourced function and mainly deals with allocation of “man power” to their customers for managing facilities. This involves complex task of allocation and management of manpower, allocation of machines and optimum utilization of manpower and material to carry out these services.