Sales Management: book orders, check inventory, products and pricing. Your Sales Office on-the-go
A simple cloud based mobile app will ensure that this cycle time is considerably reduced leading to better production control, avoid delays in dispatches and also monitor the entire process to reduce pilferage.
  • iMsales is adapted to your business, your brand, your processes and your culture.

  • Streamline field-sales processes, and managing the sales force.

  • Auditing capabilities – track & review details of sales order such as time, location.

  • Optimized production runs and delivery schedules.

  • Reduced wastages and returns.

  • Manage inventories.

  • Real time insight into business via alerts and notifications.

  • Reports, customized and configured to discover how your business is operating.


Book Orders

Book order on the go and reduce sales cycle through real time order management mobility solution.


Optimised Route Management

Plan effective routes for order collection, least cost – most effective path


Product Catalog and Pricing

Updated product catalog and updated rate card readily available to the sales person.


Capture Wastages and Returns

Reduced wastage and pilferage through effective demand chain management.


Alerts and Notifications

Alerts at every stage of the sales processing cycle to ensure in-time production, delivery and reduced pilferage / loss in transit



Trend analysis of sales immediately available across products, region, customers and salesperson.

Organizations increasingly need agile sales force equipped with information and mobile tools.Verticals, such as Food Processing, have a supply and sales chain that spans from manufacturing, to reseller and the retailer. Typically the orders are placed or rather collected by an individual sales person by visiting customers (i.e. their physical stores or shops), he or she collects them manually or through spreadsheets on laptops and then at the end of the day forwarded to the office or factory for placing the orders. This is a source of delay, and mistakes. And also creates opportunities for both wastage and fraud.