Authentication & Authorization Microservice for your Cloud App
  • User authentication and authorization functionality is essential to every cloud-based application


  • Movinture has designed and developed a microservice that can be integrated with any cloud-based application to provide sophisticated identity management solution


  • Well defined REST API to help integrate microservice with your cloud application


  • Flexibility to extend and scale service independently of your core application





Strong authentication using unique User ID and Passwords. Passwords policies configurable to suit your specific needs.



Fine or coarse grain access control – configure and enable authorization to features, functions, bundles, resources and devices.



Movinture IAM microservice supports very high level of security. It supports TLS1.2. No cleartext exchange. Passwords are exchanged securely as hashes.


Multi Tenant Capabilities

Supports mapping of feature & functionality across multiple customers and applications.



Comprehensive auditing capabilities to track all user and administration activity. Track role & access changes, track user access. Ability to plug into dashboard and visualization.


Highly Scalable and Flexible

Stateless design with optimized NoSQL database connections. Define resources such as apps, features within apps and devices that need to be given access to.

Every cloud application needs user authentication and authorization - to ensure the right users are logging into your application, and have access to functionality they have paid for. It is necessary function to have in-house but not core to the your solution. Movinture IAM provides the balance - license and integrate with your application.