Agriculture has been an early adopter of instrumentation and monitoring systems even before the  term Internet of Things or IoT was coined. The reality is that the world of IoT can be divided into two distinct camps

  • Brownfield: Scenarios where measuring, monitoring and control of physical things and devices has been done using instrumentation systems. These systems are typically industry specific. For example SDI-12 is a wired, serial standard prevalent in agricultural use cases such as soil sensing. The SDI-12 standard interfaces with the soil sensors from various companies such as EnviroPro and Decagon, and interfaces to “Data Loggers” – the legacy equivalent of IoT Cloud or Edge Computing.
  • Greenfield: There is no pre-existing monitoring system.

Movinture has designed its iMsight platform and applications with the brownfield market in mind. We take a highly customer-centric approach and would like to work with them to retain their investment in systems however allow them to migrate their current systems into a modern day IoT driven system. For example we recently built a solution where we used EnviroPro soil probes with SDI-12 interface and enabled them to use Wi-Fi, and replace the need of an expensive SDI-12 data logger with an Dell IoT Edge Gateway synchronized with the Cloud. All data is collected using the Wi-Fi adapter connected to the soil probes to the Dell IOT 3001 Gateway, and then post edge data processing synchronized with the Cloud instance of the iMsight platform.

The image below shows the values of the 3 types of sensors in the EnviroPro probe reporting 8 values at different depths of the sensor:


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 1.55.23 PM

Soil Parameters


And the image below shows the historical chart of one of the temperature sensors in the probe over a period of 3 days:


Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 1.57.24 PM