Some words about us

Movinture is short for “moving the future.” We bring your future closer to you. Movinture’s solutions and applications help our customers reimagine their business by utilizing state of the art technologies such as Smartphone Applications, Cloud Computing and Internet of Things (IoT).

Why we are different

Reimagination is a process that starts with digitization or automation to solve business problems. It then grows exponentially when applications, people, and devices are connected. Finally, reimagination combines the data unlocked by the first steps to power the insights we provide to introduce new business models and increase revenues.

We believe that it is necessary to fine tune applications to suit the specific needs of every business and a cookie cutter approach is not effective in the slightest. Other technology companies tend to charge arm and leg for their approach. Movinture, on the other hand, develops models that suit you and your existing infrastructure in a cost effective method. Movinture’s core platform, business apps, and analytics enable the reimagination of your business.

Our Ecosystem