Movinture is an IoT-applications company. Movinture is short for “Moving the Future”. It was founded to help customers bring their future closer with applications, services and solutions leveraging IoT, Big Data and AI/ML. The company has deep expertise in building end to end distributed IoT solutions across devices (sensors), gateways (edge) and cloud.

Movinture has developed scalable and secure IoT- centric building blocks and platform called iMsight (pronounced ‘m sight’). The blocks and platform are configured for specific use cases and business models.

We are in the business of enabling IoT for our customers, and helping them convert their ‘physical’ products, assets, devices into recurring sources of revenue: Product as a Service (PaaS).

We believe that it is necessary to fine tune applications to suit the specific needs of every business and a cookie cutter approach is not effective in the slightest. Other technology companies tend to charge arm and leg for their approach. Movinture, on the other hand, develops models that suit you and your existing infrastructure in a cost effective method. Movinture’s core platform, business apps, and analytics enable the reimagination of your business.

Our Ecosystem